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Canned Presentation Materials are available!
Free Radio Merit Badge instructional slides in both PDF and Powerpoint format  can be downloaded from  An optional Introduction Presentation is also available if needed to kickoff a large event.  Click the link below to go to this website in another browser window.
Note that these slides are dated 2012 and have been updated by the BSA National Radio Scouting Committee to match the revised requirements in the August 2008 priniting of the color Radio Merit Badge pamphlet.  Previous versions of the pamphlet and slides are now out of date.
Additionally, student workbooks for the three classes may be downloaded from the links below.

Other materials are also available in the files area of .  This is a great discussion and resource group for folks involved with teaching Radio Merit Badge and other radio related Scout activities such as JOTA, summer camp and jamboree radio stations.

Downloadable Radio Merit Badge presentations from the BSA Website.

Download Module 1 Student Workbook

Download Module 2 Student Workbook

Download Module 3 Student Workbook

As an alternative presentation format, to print as supplemental visual aids, or for decorating a Scout Camp radio shack, the posters used by K2BSA for the Radio Merit Badge class at the 2010 National Jamboree are also available.  They might also be printed and used for a Radio Merit Badge class where a computer projector might not be available, such as at a Troop campsite.
They can be dowloaded below as a zipped file with each poster as an individual PowerPoint slide and as a PDF.  Their alterantive work books are available to match them .  You'll also need a radio frequency spectrum chart such as the one given away by Icom.

Click here to download K2BSA Radio MB Posters zip file

Click here to download K2BSA Radio MB Workbook zip File

Suggested Event Activities

Radio Merit Badge Day