Radio Merit Badge Day
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Radio Merit Badge at Summer Camp
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Feel free to use and print this material free of charge for any non-profit event or course designed to help Scouts earn Radio Badge. Any commercial rights are retained by the author.


Thanks to the David Sarnoff Radio Club and Delaware Valley Radio Association for teaching the prototype event.  We also appreciate the support of Dr. Alex Magoun of the David Sarnoff Library and the Sarnoff Corporation for allowing his facility to host the prototype event in 2005.  We now run it annually at The College of New Jersey and have to limit attendance to 60 Scouts each year!
Also, as requested by some hams, we paid to have the advertisements removed from this site and the one for the Scouts.  However, this now results in an expense of $60 per year.  If you think both of these sites are worthwhile and would like to help support them, donations may be sent to K2GW at the callbook address. Thanks to those hams who support this volunteer effort.

And finally, thanks in advance to the many hams who will use this course to introduce young people to the fun of Amateur Radio!
Lunch Time Video

While many of the videos mentioned in our suggested schedule are easily found, the following one produced by Icom has been difficult to locate lately.  It shows two teenagers exploring the various exhibits at the 2004 Dayton Hamvention.  Because of the age of the presenters, it is easier for the students to relate to.  Thanks to Icom for producing it!

2004 Dayton Tour Video

Radio Merit Badge at Summer Camp

Radio Merit Badge Day