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This is a one day agenda with three one hour classes, with an On the Air session and station visit, assuming a start time of 9:00 AM.
It could also be broken into a series of four troop meetings.  If you plan on teaching more than ten scouts at a time, consider breaking them into patrols and rotating them through the different classes.  If your schedule requires it, the classes and the on air experience do not have to be given in sequential order.

Scheduling the on the air contacts without having kids standing around waiting is the big concern.  Remember, a Scout needs to make a ten minute contact, so a single station can only accomodate six scouts in an hour.  Having multiple stations (including a VHF one to guarantee a contact helps).  Also, a short foxhunt can keep the Scouts interest while others talk on the air.



0800-0845   Set-up stations and classrooms by Ham Instructors

0845-0900   Registration & Blue Card Check      

0845-0900   Show "The Ham Band" Music Videos from youtube while Scouts gather




0900-0910   "Hello" Video from the ARRL                     

0910-0915   Introductions, Orientation        

0915-0925   Host Organization History   

0925-0930   If necessary, divide Scouts into groups of 10 or less to rotate to different classrooms and stations.

0930-1025 - CLASS 1 -  INTRO TO RADIO
  • What is Radio?
  • Types of Radio Services
  • Call Signs & Identification
  • Regulations
  • Phonetic Alphabet
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Propagation
  • Conductors & Insulators
  • Types of Electrical Circuits
  • Block Diagrams of Radios
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Electronic Components & Symbols
  • Radio Safety
  • How Radio Carries Information
  • Careers in Radio
1125-1225 - Lunch
  • Show "Amateur Radio Today" Video  from ARRL
  • Show "ICOM Dayton Hamvention 2004 Part 3" Video from ICOM
  • Questions and Answers
1230-1330 - CLASS 3 - AMATEUR RADIO
  • Amateur Radio Licenses
  • Amateur Radio Activities
  • Q Signals & Abbreviations
  • Types of Amateur stations
  • Repeaters
  • Identification
  • Emergency Procedures
  • NOAA Weather Radio
  • Logging a contact
1330-1445 - On the Air Contacts



1430-1440  "Katrina - The Untold Story" video  (excerpt from ARRL)

1440-1450   Hand out Blue Cards and Technician License Course Flyer

1500           Dismissal

1500-1600   Tear Down              


Have a Technician License Course start about two weeks later! 
A MS Word document that you can download and use as a template for organizing your event can be downloaded by clicking below.

Click here to download Radio MB Day Plan MS Word document

An alternative Radio Merit Badge Lesson Plan that is used at Forrestburg Scout Reservation is also available as a PDF File:

Click here to download a PDF of Forestburg Scout Camp's Lesson Plan

Click here to download the Dayton Hamvention 2004 Part 3" Video from ICOM

Planning Considerations

Radio Merit Badge Day