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What you need for your event
Logistics are simple, provided Scouts are given advance notice. Do this by including a list of required materials on the event announcement flyer.

Each boy needs to bring:

A completed BSA merit badge application card signed by his Scoutmaster. 
A signed permission slip
 Radio Merit Badge Pamphlet (2002 or newer Edition)
The Radio Merit Badge student workbook if you're using it. (Recommended).
A notebook 
Two pens or pencils

The Instructor additionally needs:
  • Flip Chart and markers or a chalkboard and chalk.
  • A laptop, computer projector, screen, extension cords if using the PowerPoint slides (recommended)

The following visual aids are recommended for Class 1, Introduction to Radio:

  • AM/FM Radio      
  • Remote car lock fob          
  • HT
  • Cell Phone
  • QSL Cards        
  • US Call Area Map (available from ARRL)
  • Amateur Radio World Map (available from Yaesu)
  • Radio Spectrum Chart (available from Icom)
  • WWV Receiver 

The following visual aids are recommended for Class 2, Components, Safety & Careers:

  • CW Key & Oscillator    
  • Schematic Diagram
  • Simple Circuit Bread Board
  • Fuse,
  • Battery,
  • Resistor
  • Variable Capacitor,
  • Switch   
  • Transistor,
  • Coil,
  • Tube 

The following visual aids are recommended for Class 3, Amateur Radio:

  • HT
  • Mobile
  • Base Radios
  • Jamboree On The Air Patch  or picture of one
  • FRS Radio
  • NOAA Weather Radio


The following are needed for the On The Air Contact:

Portable HF and VHF stations with

  • Appropriate antennas
  • Feedlines
  • Power supply  
  • Extension cords
  • Foxhunt Transmitter and direction finder (not required, but Fun!)

Although unlikely to be used, a first aid kit and telephone should be available in the event of an emergency.

Publicity and Scheduling

Radio Merit Badge Day