Radio Merit Badge Day
Suggested Timetable
Why Hams Are Needed!
Boy Scouts and Radio
Merit Badge Requirements
Presentation Materials
Suggested Event Activities
Planning Considerations
Logistics and Checklists
Publicity and Scheduling
Sample Event Publicity Flyer
Hints and Cautions
Suggested Timetable
Radio Merit Badge at Summer Camp
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Suggested Countdown to Your Event

-180 Days
Identify Instructors and Radio Merit Badge Counselors.
Select date based on local events and BSA Council calendar.
Schedule use of classroom, preferably at a science center. 

-160 Days
Send flyer to Boy Scout Councils for distribution to Scout Troops.

-120 Days
Post flyers in Science Centers, etc, Ham club Newsletters, etc.
Council sends flyers to Scout Troops.

-90 Days
Make brief presentation at local Scout Roundtable (monthly meeting of local Scoutmasters)

-30 Days
Confirm instructors, presentation materials and classroom still available.

0 Days
Conduct event

+14 Days
Start Technician License Preparation course for those excited by the Merit Badge.

+ 30 Days
Evaluate event, make plans for next year.
Send us an e-mail describing the date and location of your event and number of Scouts who attended.


Radio Merit Badge Day