Bird Study Merit Badge Day
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Why Birders Are Needed!
Boy Scouts and Birding
Merit Badge Requirements
Suggested Event Activities
Forty Common Birds
Planning Considerations
Logistics and Checklists
Publicity and Scheduling
Sample Event Publicity Flyer
Hints and Cautions
Suggested Timetable
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Here are some good links to help Scouts learn about birding and for birders to learn about Scouting.

If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!

Scouting Related Links - Find your local BSA Council here at the official BSA website - A great unofficial Scouting websites with lots of links.

Scouting for Birds online merit badge course for Scouts - A great resource for earning and teaching Boy Scout Merit Badges

Birding Related Links - Find your local National Audubon Chapter to find local birders - New Jersey Audubon - The birding organization in my home state Cornell Lab of Ornithology - online Christmas Bird Count data - ABA publishes birdfinding guides for the world US Fish and Wildlife Service - Good site for generating local species lists. - Many links to other birding websites.

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