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Make sure Scouts know about it!


Prepare a flyer describing the event four months in advance. Sample content is shown on this site. Sufficient copies should be made to allow the local Boy Scout Council to mail one to each Boy Scout troop three months in advance. Additional copies should be posted at local nature centers, scout camps, birding specialty shops, etc.

Consider making a brief presentation at your local Scout District's monthly meeting of Scoutmasters. The date and location of these meetings, called "Roundtables" can be found from your local Boy Scout council. Keep your presentation brief and bring lots of copies of your event announcement flyer.

An announcement in your local bird club newsletter is a good idea. Active birders may know Scouts that they might wish to steer towards the event.


Ideally, birders should offer the event at least annually in each of the three hundred BSA councils across the nation. If only ten boys take the event each time, over 3,000 new teenagers will be exposed to birding each year. This is twice the number who earn the badge on their own and is obviously a boon to both Scouting and birding.

If sufficient demand exists in a given area, the event could be offered twice a year, once in the spring and the fall.

Once you get a pattern going, ask your local Boy Scout Council to add it to their annual calendar of events.

Sample Event Publicity Flyer

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