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Why Birders Are Needed!

Why Birders Are Needed!
Boy Scouts and Birding
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Why Hasn't Bird Study Merit Badge Been Popular?

A number of reasons caused this, including old requirements that were too academic, few experienced birders at summer camps, and the fact that summer camp isn't the best time or place for birding. Fortunately Bird Study Merit Badge has been changed to better reflect birding today.

What you can do

A Scout can now meet the revised Bird Study Merit Badge requirements with a few hours of self-study, a three-hour class and one or two three-hour field trips. The birding community needs to provide these opportunities.

Each birder should make sure that a Bird Study Merit Badge event is available to Scouts in their area. The best time of year for such an event would be spring or fall to balance bird availability, easy visibility and other Scouting activities. By making it an annual event, local birders and Audubon Societies will expose more young men to birding and the need for habitat preservation. And you'll find that it's easy and fun to share your knowledge of birds with Scouts!

Boy Scouts and Birding

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