Bird Study Merit Badge Day

Why Birders Are Needed!
Boy Scouts and Birding
Merit Badge Requirements
Suggested Event Activities
Forty Common Birds
Planning Considerations
Logistics and Checklists
Publicity and Scheduling
Sample Event Publicity Flyer
Hints and Cautions
Suggested Timetable
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Feel free to use and print this material free of charge for any non-profit event or course designed to help Scouts earn Bird Study Merit Badge. Any commercial rights are retained by the author.


Thanks to Lou Beck and Jim Buchanan for teaching the prototype event. Both have been active birders, Scout leaders and Bird Study Merit Badge counselors for many years.  We also appreciate the support of the Washington Crossing Chapter of the National Audubon Society and Wayne Henderek, Naturalist at Washington Crossing State Park for allowing his facility to host the prototype event in 2001.

Thanks to Pete Dunne, Dale Rosselet and Karl Lukens of the Cape May Bird Observatory and Gary Stolz, Manager of the Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR for reviewing the draft of this plan. Thanks also to Pat Kane, education director of New Jersey Audubon Society for her advice and support.
Thanks to the ABA and for the pictures of birders and birds used on this site.

I'd also like to thank Brian Vernachio, Tara Miller and Chis Brown for their support and early adoption of the program as an annual event at New Jersey Audubon's Plainsboro Preserve.  The event has become so popular with Scouts that we have to limit attendance! 

And finally, thanks in advance to the many birders who will use this course to introduce young people to the fun of birding and the beauty of nature.

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