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Getting Started
Getting Started
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A few tips before starting


The first tip is get a copy of the 2008 edition of the Radio Merit Badge pamphlet. This excellent book was written by Scouters who have been involved in Radio for many yearsl.

Make sure you get the 2008 edition. This is the one that is printed in color. Previous editions are obsolete. Check your troop library or buy a copy at your local Council Service center or  BSA distributor.

The second tip regards the Internet. Some of the sites we link to are commercial sites or display advertising that I have no control over. So please make sure your parents give you the OK to use this site for your merit badge. I think everything should be fine, but if you run across a link that's broken or inappropriate, please let me know.
The third tip is to talk to your Scoutmaster to find a local Radio Merit Badge Counselor.  If you can't find one, let me know I'll help you locate one or figure out if we can do it using the internet or even by radio!

The final tip is to link to and print a copy of their excellent Radio Merit Badge workbook, which will give you a place to write your answers as you explore these pages.

Enough of that. Now, print out a workbook and let's get on the air! Radio MB Workbook in Adobe PDF format

Requirement 1

Online Radio Merit Badge