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I hope you've enjoyed earning your Radio Merit Badge. One Scout who did, Joe Taylor, went on to earn the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in Radioastronomy! 
Amateur Radio is a great life-long hobby that combines learning new technology, helping people and having fun!  Folks as young as five have gotten their Amateur Radio License to help others in an emergency and to just have fun!  Click on the following link to learn how to get your own callsign:

Click here to learn how to become a ham!

If you'd like to learn more, consider the following books as well as visiting your Amateur Radio Club.
For expanding your radio skills, the book "Ham Radio for Dummies" is highly recommended.  This book has all of the tips you need to learn more.

If you're interested in radio as a career, talk to to your high school guidance counselor. You'll want to take a good college prep curriculum in high school, with a full load of math and sciences. If you like to build radios, you might study Electrical Engineering or Electronics Technology. Some colleges well known for electrical engineering include MIT, Lehigh University and RPI. There's a link below that describes them and others.

Try some of these links to learn more about radio. The first one shows opportunities for teen age ham radio operators. The other one is a master list of Amateur radio sites on the web.

See you on the air! -- The American Radio Relay League has special programs, scholarships and programs for young hams. - The major listing of Radio Web Sites

Colleges offering Electrical Engineering

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