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(3)  Explain at least eight terms used in commercial broadcasting, such as segue, cut, fade, continuity, remote, Emergency Alert System, network, cue, dead air, PSA, and playlist.


Some terms used in broadcasting include:

ad-lib - unscripted, not rehearsed.
air monitor - listening to your station's transmitted signal with a receiver
AM (amplitude modulation) -  Sending information by varying the size of the signal
AM broadcast band -  The medium wave band used by AM stations
audio console - the electronics used to mix the sounds sources together
audition - to listen to something without broadcasting it over the air.
board - the audio console
cart - A tape cartridge containing a recording of a song or announcement
cart machine - a machine that plays carts
clear channel - a frequency reserved for a powerful wide area coverage station.
clear-channel station - A powerful station that operates on a clear channel
copy - a written script to be read.
cross-fade - making one sound source louder while also making one softer.
cue - the point in a script where something needs to happen
dead air - A broadcast signal with nothing on it.  Very bad as listeners leave!
directional antenna - An antenna sending the signal towards a certain direction
dish antenna - An microwave antenna often used to connect to a satellite
disc jockey (DJ) - An announcer who plays music.
drive time - the morning and evening rush hours when many drivers listen.
dub, dubbed - prerecorded.
Emergency Alert System (EAS) - A system to send important warnings.
Electronic News Gathering (ENG) - Live news broadcast from a remote location
fade - to make softer
FM (frequency modulation) - Sending information by varying the frequency of the signal
FM broadcast band - yhe VHF band used by FM radio staions
format - the style of radio station such as Jazz or County and Western
ionosphere - The layer of the atmosphere that can reflect some radio signals
jingle - a short special song advertising a station or sponsor.
level - the volume of the audi signal
log - the written record about the use of the transmitter.
mike, microphone - what you speak into to send voices.
modulation monitor - a meter to ensure that the transmitted signal level is OK.
network - a group of radio stations broadcasting the same show.
PSA - a Public Service Announcement
pot - A potentiometer, often used as a volume control
program log - the written record of what was broadcast
seque (SEG-way) - a natural flow from one topic or song to another
Top 40 - The largest selling rsongs at the moment
VU meter - a Volume meter

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