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Requirement 9b1
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(1) Prepare a program schedule for radio station "KBSA" of exactly one-half hour, including music, news, commercials, and proper station identification. Record your program on audio tape or in a digital audio format using proper techniques.

QBSA is temporary low power FM station that broadcasts only to BSA National Jamborees

Although it might appear easy and fun, a radio broadcast requires planning to make it all sound smooth and interesting.  Most radio broadcasts use a script to indicate what songs and announcements will be used and when news, sports and other features will be played.  If it's a commercial station, careful records of what advertisements are played need to be kept to prove that that the advertisers message got out.

The following will help you write your script before recording it.

Who is my audience?  What will they like to hear?

What songs will I play and when?

How will songs be announced?

When will news be given?

When will sports be given?

After listing the order of items in your script, you will then need to assign times to each item to make sure it fits in the alloted time.  Many radio stations are part of a network, so they need to be ready to switch to network programs at a specific time.  You don't want to run out of program too early or cut off a song in the middle!

To actually record your show, see if your counselor knows of a local party DJ who might help you do so using his equipment.  Many radio stations now do all their mixing and scheduling on computers, so you also might see if someone you know has audio mixing capability on their computer to record your show.


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