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I hope you've enjoyed earning your Bird Study Merit Badge. Birding is a great life-long hobby that combines outdoor skills, intelligence and detective work. It can be done anywhere at very little cost.
If you'd like to learn more, consider the following books as well as visiting your local nature center or Audubon Society:
For expanding your birding skills, the book "Pete Dunne on Bird Watching" is highly recommended.  Pete is one of the best at teaching new birders and this book has all of the tips you need to learn more.

If you're interested in ornithology as a career, talk to to your high school biology teacher. You'll want to take a good college prep curriculum in high school, with a full load of sciences. Ornithology is normally a graduate degree, with students first studying biology, ecology or fish & game management as an undergraduate. Some colleges well known for ornithology include Cornell University and Louisiana State University. There's a link below that describes them and others.
In addition, the college textbook "Ornithology" by Frank B. Gill is interesting and can give you an idea of what the profession is about.

Try some of these birding links to learn more about birding. The first one shows opportunities for teen age birders. The other one is a master list of birding sites on the web.

Good Birding! -- The ABA has special programs, scholarships and programs for young birders. - The major listing of bird links on the web.

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Finally, a note of thanks to the American Birding Association for the use of their pictures of young birders. Check out their website for special programs for young birders. Also, thanks to for the web pictures of birds from the Audubon field guide series. They're a great resource for learning more about nature.

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