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8. Do ONE of the following. For the option you choose, describe what birds you hope to attract, and why.
a. Build a bird feeder and put it in an appropriate place in your yard or another location.
b. Build a birdbath and put it in an appropriate place.
c. Build a backyard sanctuary for birds by planting trees and shrubs for food and cover.


Making your backyard friendly to birds is a common activity of birders. You can attract American Goldfinches like this one with Nyjer thistle seed. You can then birdwatch from your kitchen window on rainy days!

Here are some sites to help you with this requirement:

Plans for a plastic milk jug feeder

Plans for a Soda Bottle Thistle feeder for finches

Plans for a suet feeder

- A page describing what foods attract what birds - The National Wildlife Foundation's backyard habitats page, if you pick option c.

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