Bird Study Merit Badge


Welcome to Scouting for Birds!


Scouting for Birds is a non-profit web site that promotes Bird Study Merit Badge. Two sub-sites are available.


Bird Study Online is designed for Scouts who want some web-based help in meeting the requirements for Bird Study Merit Badge.

Scouts - Click Here to work on Bird Study Merit Badge on the web.

Free PowerPoints to teach or learn Bird Study Merit Badge are available. Download them from here.


Bird Study Day is designed to help birders run a Bird Study Merit Badge course in their area. Everything you need to plan such an event is included. There's also information on how to become a Bird Study Merit Badge counselor in your local BSA Council.

Birders - Click Here to see how to run a Bird Study Merit Badge Course or Event in your area.

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Gary Wilson
Asst. District Commissioner
Mercer Area District 
Washington Crossing Council, BSA

Life Member, New Jersey Audubon Society
Member, Washington Crossing Audubon Society
Member, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology