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Shopping List

This is a disaster supply kit shopping list you can take to the store and actually shop from. It’s designed to keep your family self-sufficient for four days.  The food will cost about a hundred dollars, but since you actually eat the items as part of your regular meals once a year, it really costs you little.

Mark each item with the year of purchase and store them in three small plastic covered totes, so you can lift them. Buy new food and batteries each year on your birthday; then use last year’s disaster supply food for regular meals.  You probably have many of the staples already.  Just store them in the kit.


            DRY FOOD     

1          box       Saltine Crackers

5          Lb        Rice

2          Boxes    Granola Bars

1          can        Potato Sticks

1          box       Instant Oatmeal

1          bag       M&M's

2          cans      Pre-sweetened Kool-aid

2          boxes    Macaroni & Cheese

2          boxes    Cup-a-soup

1          box       Raisins

2          boxes    Jell-O

1          jar         Instant Coffee

1          box       Tea

1          box       Sugar

1          box       Powered Milk

2          jar         Creamer


            CANNED GOODS        

2          cans      Pork & Beans

2          cans      White potatoes

4          cans      Corn

2          cans      Green beans

3          cans      Condensed Soup

2          cans      Spaghetti & meatballs

2          cans      Ravioli

3          cans      Tuna fish

2          cans      Spagetti-O's

1          can        Chili

2          cans      Stew

1          can        Pears

1          can        Fruit cocktail

1          can        Pineapple

1          can        Peaches

1          can        Applesauce

2          cans      Evaporated Milk


            CAMPING SUPPLIES  

4          each      Sleeping Bag or blanket

4          each      Camping mattress

1          each      Lantern

1          each      Cook Kit or pots


3          2.5 Gal  Bottled Water

5          1 Gal     Milk Jug of Ice in Freezer



1          Box      Large Trash Bags

1          Box      Zip Lock Bags

1          each      Portable Radio

1          each      Can opener

50         each      Paper Plates

50         each      Hot Cups

50         each      Plastic spoons

1          box       Aluminum Foil

1          roll       Toilet paper

1          roll       Paper towels

1          roll       Masking tape

1          roll       Duct tape

1          box       Kitchen Matches

4          each      D Batteries

4          each      C Batteries

4          each      AA Batteries

2          each      Flashlights

1          bottle    Clorox Bleach

1          each      Medicine Dropper

1          each      Sterno Stove

1          each      First Aid Kit

1          Box      Sanitary Napkins

1          Envelope$100.00 in $1 & $5's



4          each      4x8 Plywood

4          each      4x8 Plastic Tarps

200       each      10# & Roofing Nails

1          each      Hammer

4          pair       Work Gloves



4          each      2 changes of Clothing

4          each      Toilet Kits

4          each      Towels

4          each      Rain Gear

4          each      Sturdy Footwear


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